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Boutique Hanout’s First fashion show

It was a unique experience -Hanoutboutique’s first fashion show.

The catwalk was organised by the magazine Madame à Marrakech and held in the Sofitel Marrakech.

26 outfits all inspired by Meriem Nour Rawlings recent trip to India : Leather jackets customised with vintage indian fabrics . Mirrors , embroidery and a wonderful array of colours made a true impression in the mind of the crowd present .Then dresses with a retro chic vibe worn with vintage kilim clutchs . To end with magnificient gold capes and a long white coat .

The Show was stunning and it was we hope the first in a serie of more creative adventures.


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Hanout Boutique one-off clothing Designer Marrakech

Vintage Kilim Ponchos

Hanout-Boutiqe-Atlas-Kilim-Poncho Hanout-Boutiqe-Riff-Kilim-Poncho-3

Our Moroccan Kilim ponchos are handmade from vintage kilim rugs by skilled artisans in Marrakech. Kilim is a flat weave carpet that features in most Moroccan homes.

We source one by one and we are very often in awe at the beauty and originality of the kilims.

Those two ponchos are part of Hanout’s new Fall collection and are hand embroided by  talented ladies from our Hanout team.

Each piece is unique and those handcrafted kilim ponchos-Atlas Poncho and Riff Poncho- are now sold in our eshop.





I always try to  dig out the perfect kilim to make each pair of boots unique.

I love the leather i used in this serie* of boots.It looks old and succeed on taking the edge from the sometimes colourful vintage rugs.They complement each other.

What do you think?


DSC_0022 DSC_0017 DSC_0003


DSC_0075*The boots are available at my shop in the medina for other enquiries pls email meriemrawlings@gmail.com


Inspiration 2014


Colour me Pink


Pink or nothing . Every shade of pink is in my radar.


Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson



Intense, dark ,manipulative, arrogant , rude, emotional but also extremely creative,perfectionist, spiritual,talented and Visionary.He created two of the most iconic brands : Apple and Pixar.His fantastic attention to details and obsessiveness about great and simplified designs gave us devices like the Ipod and the iphone that are so much part of our life that we forget to notice how magics they are.

I was fascinated reading Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson .

As a young entrepreneur two questions he regulary asked interviewing job seeker at Apple:

When did you lost your virginity?

Did you ever took LSD?

If you read one book this year make it this one.


 Jimmy Hendrix: Move over let Jimmy take over




I received a nanoIpod as a present for Christmas . I play jimmy wile running and the sexy mesmerising voice of his, make my morning workout a moment to look forward to.

David & Imane Bowie




I Found this photo wile browsing on internet. What a Fantastic couple and what a great photo.

Quote: Albert Einstein

Imagination is more important than knowledge






Le Ramadan se termine demain et tout le long de ce mois j’ai fait une fixation sur les djellabas.On en voit beaucoups pendant ce mois et pourtant je n’arrive pas vraiment à aimer ce que je vois.

Je suis tombée recement sur cette vieille photo de mes parents .La vision de mes deux géniteurs beaux et souriants m’attendris . je ne peux ignorer la tenue de ma mère.

La coupe plutôt masculine de la djellaba, le joli sac  et les cheveux courts de ma maman sont d’un chic intemporel.

Bonne fête.



Ramadan ends tomorow and all along this month i have obsessed about djellabas which is widly worn during this month.

Looking and not liking very much what I see around me.

I then saw this old picture of my parents and although seeing them so handsome and young made me feel slightly emotional I could not take my eyes from my mum’s outfit.

the djellaba’s masculine cut, the lovely hand bag and my mum’s short hair cut gives this outfit a timeless chic.




Vanessa Paradis

Voici ce visage qui parviens à lui seul à capturer quelque moments forts de ma vie.

Depuis l’adolescence, les premiers boys friends et les booms jusqu’a cette station actuelle avec enfants compagnon, carrière et autre quotidien, en passant par mes vingt ans -cette période aux eaux troubles de recherche de soi.

Un confort – comparable au confort food et autres coussins douillets – ce visage qui apparait au coin de nos magazines et nous rassure sur ce growing old, adulte world .

Hitting the 4-0 , happy four o and happy days à toutes les Vanessa Paradis et les Sophie Marceaux qui arrivent à coups de compagnes Chanel, de breaks ups, de love songs à faire vivre simultanément et comme par magie, notre adelescence et notre age adulte.

Elles parviennent  à nous rassurer sur le tics tocs de la time machine en affirmant à la seule vue de leurs minois souriants que Le temps nous appartient et nous a toujours appartenu . Leur passé  fait écho au notre,  nous  l’avons vécu et leur image sur papier glacé est là pour en témoigner.


Here is a face that on its own encapsulate few key moments of my life.

From Teen age years, first boyfriends and parties to today’s children, husband and other every day life, without forgetting a much troubled twenties and its existentialist questioning.

A confort- Similar to confort food and other cuddly toys- this face that appears in magazine’s covers and reassure us on growing old, adult world.

Hitting the 4-0, happy  four 0 and happy days to all the Vanessa Paradis and Sophie Marceaux whith there chanel compaigns , break ups and love songs.They succeeded in creating space for both past and present simultaneously .Magic trick where teenage years and adelthood coexiste together.

They  reassure us on the ticking of the time machine.

There past echos ours, we lived in it and through it ……